"Anker" was created during my internship at  Phoenix Design. The Design of a speculative yo-yo is a traditional part of every internship since.
It`s one of those days... You wake up, completely whacked after a exhausting and busy night. Because you still had to prepare the presentation for the client the next day. You look out the window and your mood worsens even further.
The misery continues. You just caught the train on time. It really is not your day. You would have better stayed in bed today!
You seek for the next quiet corner in the train, sit down and take a deep breath. That moment releases a wish in you. Wouldn't it be nice to have a hot cup of tea now? Fortunately,your yo-yo is with you.  
So you take your yo-yo out of the backpack, go to the water dispenser to get some hot water and finally brew a fresh cup of tea. While enjoying your cup of tee, you are slowly become calm.
Now you feel ready for the client meeting. Finally you reassamble all the part and easily spin the yo-yo dry.
Your yo-yo is your center of calm and peace on stressfull days, it´s your anchor.
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